jen-camann-fpWellness Healing Arts is in Manchester, NH. We see clients in person for individual healing sessions on site, or we also service clients around the United States and from other countries as well that receive healing sessions and transmissions of light right over the phone. So, no matter where you live, we can help you transform and heal.

Over the years, clients have come to Jen Camann for various reasons- physically sick, emotional reasons, psychological healing and spiritual healing, and some other reasons clients come for healing- cancers, suffering childhood traumas, healing from a violent past, healing from abusive situations, addictions, some have been in counseling for years and felt they weren’t getting anywhere, so they  want to try healing instead. Healing does happen in miraculous ways, we just have to be willing to surrender to the healing process. Many times Jen has seen tremendous outcomes happen for people over the years, healing is amazing.

Our specialty is healing and personal transformation, we will help you live a life of love, peace, sharing loving relationships, and enjoying a sense of well being and purpose, all of this can be experienced through your personal healing, we will help you accomplish this together.

At Wellness Healing Arts we offer: Theta Healing, Transformational Healing, Shamanic Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy (healing with the Angels), Shamballa Healing, Karuna Healing, and other healing modalities as well. We also have monthly groups or classes for you to learn how to do energy healing.

Please visit this Meetup link to see the monthly calendar of classes or groups we have happening at Wellness Healing Arts: http://www.meetup.com/Mind-Body-and-Spirit-Meetup/



Wellness Healing Arts
36 silver dawn rd. CamptonNH03223 USA 
 • 603-370-1551

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